connecting harmonically business with development & technology

Technology beyond a simple auxiliary tool

When technology is not a simple tool but:

  • the comparative advantage of organization, for communication, speed, savings, efficiency
  • or is the very purpose and the product of the business

then: it must be a key part of its know-how and planning.

We support the technological transition

  • improving the structure & the operation of the company
  • from the initial brainstorming, the planning to the implementation and the evaluation of the results
  • in multiple projects, with joint coordination and project management,
  • with efficiency, money and time savings

Who we are

ERGOGROUP Management & Technology Consulting

Ergogroup logo

Since 1995, Ergogroup develops Strategies, Organization projects, to increase the efficiency of businesses.
was a pioneer consulting firm in Northern Greece developing quality management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22001 etc), gaining also the leading position in the private sector consulting nationwide, just 3 years after establishment, with a clientele from all sectors of the economy and throughout the country.

Anticipating the financial crisis since 2006, it has developed a network of partners abroad, transferring part of its activities.

Since 2019, has emphasized supporting the technological transition of companies for better organization, efficiency and security; coordinating a group of permanent and strategically collaborating companies, with great specialization, in critical technological areas.

ERGOGROUP Management & Technology Consulting

Indicative Client List

Strategic Partner

LDK Consultants | Engineering & Project Management

Founded in 1968 LDK S.A. focuses on project management and technical studies, mainly in large-scale projects.

Having strong and experienced departments in energy, environment and regional development, along with specialized staff of 120 scientists, LDK has implemented projects in more than 110 countries.

Among other loyal customers are: the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development(EBRD), the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) , Coca Cola, Vodafone, Hyatt Hotels, Great Britain Hotel, Athens and Thessaloniki Airports, Athens Metro, OTE (National Telecommunication Organization) and others.
LDK operates 9 offices in 8 countries: Greece, 2 in Belgium-Brussels, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Jordan, Ethiopia, Kenya.

International Presence

Indicative Client List LDK


Improving productivity, business safety & productivity by forecasting and planning.

Business Development & Planning

For the whole company or for a specific activity / investment. For the best and safest management of resources by:

  • Analysis of company and market/industry data
  • Strategy & Marketing planning
  • Establishing a business planning performance monitoring system
Quality Management Systems
  • Organization and certification of production systems.
  • Development of management systems for certification, based on standards such as: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, GDPR.
  • Procedures Analysis and development of the suitable KPIs, for measurement and control, of effectiveness and productivity ​
Information Systems Development

Analysis and implementation of IT projects, with specialized departments and partners.

ERGOGROUP, with in-house Business Intelligence (BI) and Web Marketing departments along with strategic partners, flexibly provides high quality IT services, from study – analysis, to implementation or project management.

Web Μarketing

The ERGOGROUP WEB MARKETING department implements demanding projects and provides web marketing services, from the level of the general corporate strategy to the implementation and support of websites, eshops, social media, CRM, email marketing, Youtube channels and presentation material.

Technology Strategic Partners

Technology projects design and implementation with experienced partners, with deep know – how

  • ΙΤ, ΙοΤ, Web Security
  • Maintenance SW and consulting
  • Energy efficiency improvement and Energy saving
  • Logistics
  • Industrial automation & robots
  • Environmental Technologies and Waste management


Financial services & Funding Services
  • Liquidity enhancement:
    • Financing of receivables using various types of factoring.
    • Acquisition of cash against guarantees.
    • Financing of commercial activity.
  • Mergers and Aquisitions (M & A’s).
  • Business restructuring.
Subsidies & Financial Reporting
  • Preparation of specialized financial and technical reports, based on the specific needs and specifications of each project:

    • Feasibility Studies.
    • Costing
  • Timely information and preparation on the national and European investment incentive policies.
International Business Development and Exports

International Business Development and Exports, mainly in the countries where we have a network, for services of higher added value, with more direct and continuous support.

  •  From local permanent and evaluated professional partners.
  • They know the mentality and the rules of the country / market.
  • Aiming at constant presence and development
Ergogroup logo

Ergogroup has been a pioneer in the organization of companies and management as well as in quality systems since 1995, putting into practice what it advises:

  • Quality: Satisfaction of agreed tasks and specifications, which are reflected in clear contracts for specific and measurable results.
  • Extroversion: Ergogroup has created a professional network in key areas of the world, for services and exports. We have first-hand experience, with its own export agency / brand (, from market research promotions, placements and systematic exports. 
  • Expertise: We are constantly invested in knowledge, in the new, in the specialization, in the transformation of knowledge into experience, which is improved and accelerated safely with:
    • Collaboration: which is a combination of DNA and organization. The smooth and productive coordination of the network, of permanent strategic partners of top know-how, is the best and most practical proof.
    • Organization: is the necessary catalyst for everything to work harmoniously and efficiently. Finally,
    • Safety: is the result of a good and consistent implementation of all the above
Ergogroup ISO 27001- ISO 9001


technology selection & application
  • Questioning on possible areas of use of new technologies
  • Defining an investigation team
  • Internal research of improvement areas & Technology market research
  • Cost/benefit evaluation - side effects assessment
  • Suggestions to the evaluation team
  • Approval of Timetables & Budgets
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Project Management & Project Implementation
  • Receipt & commissioning
  • Operation - Measurement of efficiency – Maintenance

Comprehensive support to increase efficiency and the technological transition

Contribution to the increase of the added value and the competitiveness of the organizations that we support is the transfer of the many years of international experience from very demanding clients (with strict structures and procedures), to a wide range of objects, with fully specialized strategic partners, without substituting existing and established collaborations.

ergogroup infographic
ergogroup connectivity

An important advantage of the overall diagnosis of the needs of the company, is the organized way of planning and implementation of parallel projects under central coordination, which maximizes the efficiency of investments, without overlaps, unplanned interventions and additional costs.


Also, our proposals are accompanied by a diagnostic study, cost-benefit budgets, depreciation time, ways of financing and a clear way of cooperation.

Planning & Development

Tech & IT projects: specialized departments and partners.

  • ΙΤ, ERP, custom business software & development, ΙοΤ, Web Security
  • Web – Marketing
  • Maintenance SW and consulting
  • Energy efficiency improvement and Energy saving
  • Logistics
  • Industrial automation & robots
  • Environmental Technologies and Waste management

Partners Network

A Collaboration of Technology Partners

Environmental Technologies
and Waste management provides studies and turnkey projects for steam pipelines and networks. Customers are medium and large facilities using steam installations, in Greece and abroad.

ΙΤ, ERP, Web Security, Maintainance integrated IT support with in-house developed products, such as ERP, CRM, production control and other applications. It focuses on personalized support, while ensuring broad interoperability using the Microsoft environment and applications.

NISOSADVISORS Cyber Security,   Customers: banks, multinationals, organizations with critical functions & data.
ΑΤΛΑΝΤΙΣ ENGINEERING Software and support services for maintenance management. Customers: medium – large companies and organizations. Offices: Thessaloniki, Athens, Dubai cashier monitoring application for security and control. Records all transactions and evaluates any kind of suspicious transaction.

Industrial automation, Robots, Logistics industrial robots. Presentation & video premices infrastructure, automations and logistics