Financial Services

  1. Liquidity enhancement:
    1. Financing of receivables using various types of factoring (eg against invoices or contracts)
    2. Acquisition of cash against guarantees
    3. Financing of commercial activity
  2. Mergers and Aquisitions (M & A’s). Comprehensive support in all phases and in all relevant items:
    1. Strategic planning and implementation support
    2. Estimates of conditions and prospects of markets and sectors
    3. Negotiations, Compliance with agreements and prerequisites
    4. Requirements’ check
    5. Business risk assessments
    6. Investment exit strategy
  3. Business restructuring:
    1. Cash flow management
    2. Budget and forecasts
    3. Working capital management
    4. Cost optimization
    5. Debt restructuring and refinancing
    6. Private placements
    7. Crisis management