International Business Development and Exports

International Business Development and Exports, mainly in the countries where we have a network, for services of higher added value, with more direct and continuous support.

  • From local permanent and evaluated professional partners
  • They know the mentality and the rules of the country/market
  • Aiming at constant presence and development

Indicative services:

  • Market research, local market information
  • Development and supervision of the target market partnerships, based on customer needs/specifications
  • Creating a development strategy
  • Support the implementation and other activities such as:
    • Participation in exhibitions and promotions
    • Participation/representation in business missions, networking, negotiations

Characteristics of network services:

  • Ability to communicate directly with consultants/partners
  • Local support during the target market visit, from the local partner
  • Stable presence in the target market, with permanent representation and continuous support

ERGOGROUP international network

  • Africa >mrEXPORTtoAFRICA> Trade Consultants for Sub-Saharan Africa, based in Ndola, Zambia.
  • Scandinavian countries & Asia >  Asia Corp, based in Denmark and active in several parts of the world, with an emphasis on Asia and the Nordic countries.
  • Asia China >   CBN group: based in Beijing. Member companies::
  • Netherlands, representative of ERGOGROUP based in The Hague.
  • Australia, ERGOGROUP representative based in Adelaide.
  • USA with a directly supervised network in various states.
  • Also created since 2012 the export brand MEDFRESH (Mediterranean Fresh) organizing the exports of high-quality Mediterranean F&B producers 

LDK has 9 offices in 8 countries: Greece, 2 in Belgium-Brussels, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Jordan, Ethiopia, Kenya and has implemented projects in over 110 countries