Business development planning

For the whole company or for a specific activity / investment. For the best and safest management of resources, adapted to the industry and the size of each business.

Business development, guidance and support, through meetings and constant communication.

  • Analysis of company and market/industry data:
    • Sector data research and performance comparison
    • Customer market analysis and competition
    • Analysis of financial data
    • SWOT analysis
  • Synthesis (objectives, strategies, budgets):
    • Goals and strategy
    • Marketing plan
    • Positioning of products / services
    • Creating budgets based on the new design
    • Organizational framework
      • Organization chart and basic organizational principles
      • Information system
    • business planning performance monitoring system
  • Use of financial tools to finance projects, with small- or large-scale private funds, from Greece or abroad with different sectoral focus, different degrees of flexibility and investment philosophy