Provided Services from Ergogroup

Strategy & Organization

Improving productivity, business safety & productivity by forecasting and planning.

Business Development & Planning

For the whole company or for a specific activity / investment. For the best and safest management of resources by:

  • Analysis of company and market/industry data
  • Strategy & Marketing planning
  • Establishing a business planning performance monitoring system
Quality Management Systems
  • Organization and certification of production systems.
  • Development of management systems for certification, based on standards such as: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, GDPR.
  • Procedures Analysis and development of the suitable KPIs, for measurement and control, of effectiveness and productivity ​
Information Systems Development

Analysis and implementation of IT projects, with specialized departments and partners.

ERGOGROUP, with in-house Business Intelligence (BI) and Web Marketing departments along with strategic partners, flexibly provides high quality IT services, from study – analysis, to implementation or project management.

Web Μarketing

The ERGOGROUP WEB MARKETING department implements demanding projects and provides web marketing services, from the level of the general corporate strategy to the implementation and support of websites, eshops, social media, CRM, email marketing, Youtube channels and presentation material.

Technology Strategic Partners

Technology projects design and implementation with experienced partners, with deep know – how

  • ΙΤ, ΙοΤ, Web Security
  • Maintenance SW and consulting
  • Energy efficiency improvement and Energy saving
  • Logistics
  • Industrial automation & robots
  • Environmental Technologies and Waste management


Financial services & Funding Services
  • Liquidity enhancement:
    • Financing of receivables using various types of factoring.
    • Acquisition of cash against guarantees.
    • Financing of commercial activity.
  • Mergers and Aquisitions (M & A’s).
  • Business restructuring.
Subsidies & Financial Reporting
  • Preparation of specialized financial and technical reports, based on the specific needs and specifications of each project:

    • Feasibility Studies.
    • Costing
  • Timely information and preparation on the national and European investment incentive policies.
International Business Development and Exports

International Business Development and Exports, mainly in the countries where we have a network, for services of higher added value, with more direct and continuous support.

  •  From local permanent and evaluated professional partners.
  • They know the mentality and the rules of the country / market.
  • Aiming at constant presence and development