Partners Network

A Collaboration of Technology Partners

Areas of Development

  • ΙΤ, ERP, custom business software & development, ΙοΤ, Web Security
  • Web – Marketing
  • Maintenance SW and consulting
  • Energy efficiency improvement and Energy saving
  • Logistics
  • Industrial automation & robots
  • Environmental Technologies and Waste management

Planning & Development

Tech & IT projects: specialized departments and partners.

Environmental Technologies
and Waste management provides studies and turnkey projects for steam pipelines and networks. Customers are medium and large facilities using steam installations, in Greece and abroad.

ΙΤ, ERP, Web Security, Maintainance integrated IT support with in-house developed products, such as ERP, CRM, production control and other applications. It focuses on personalized support, while ensuring broad interoperability using the Microsoft environment and applications.

NISOSADVISORS Cyber Security,   Customers: banks, multinationals, organizations with critical functions & data.
ΑΤΛΑΝΤΙΣ ENGINEERING Software and support services for maintenance management. Customers: medium – large companies and organizations. Offices: Thessaloniki, Athens, Dubai cashier monitoring application for security and control. Records all transactions and evaluates any kind of suspicious transaction.

Industrial automation, Robots, Logistics industrial robots. Presentation & video premices infrastructure, automations and logistics