Technology Strategic Partners

Technology projects design and implementation with experienced partners, with deep know-how

Technological solutions are constantly increasing, which can improve the company’s performance, in ever-expanding areas.

This requires both horizontal information and vertical knowledge, in technical details, that can be crucial for both feasibility and effectiveness.

ERGOGROUP together with its highly specialized technical strategic partners, provide the important advantage of the overall diagnosis of the needs of the company, for organized planning and implementation of parallel projects under central coordination, which maximizes the efficiency of investments, without overlaps, barriers, and additional costs.

Also, our proposals are accompanied by a diagnostic and feasibility study, with cost-benefit budgets, depreciation time, ways of financing and a clear way of cooperation.

• ΙΤ, ERP, custom business software & development, ΙοΤ, Web Security
• Web – Marketing
• Maintenance SW and consulting
• Energy efficiency improvement and energy saving
• Logistics
• Industrial automation & robots
• Environmental Technologies and Waste management