We are a company, that will analyze your robotic system needs, provide a plan for automation, and put the automation into production. We can provide you with the complete package and find solutions to your needs by industrial automation.

Since 2009, Tettix designs and manufactures industrial automation systems, acting mainly as a robot integrator. The innovative technological solutions, the reliability and the simplicity of use and safety, are characteristics that make our company a reliable partner for every kind of automation.

Tettix, by using modular components, can offer a wide range of automated systems which comply with the specifications of the food and packaging industry and assure to be a valid choice all the time. The flexibility of our systems enables the integration with vision systems, flexible packaging equipment, case erectors and case sealers, end-of-line solutions, checkweighers, metal-detectors, etc.

The real resource of Tettix is the experience of the people, who are behind this enterprise, in packaging business, which goes on over thirty years. Thanks to these experiences, we are in position to advice our customers, about the best technical and cost saving solution according their needs and demands.